BRC Post-Doctoral Support

Time-limited funding to support high calibre individuals who have clear long term plans to pursue a clinical academic career. 

This scheme aims to support individuals while they prepare competitive applications to external funding bodies for Clinician Scientist Fellowships (or equivalent).

Who is eligible to apply?

Any early career clinical academic (medical, nurse or AHP) undertaking RM/ICR BRC relevant research who holds or is approaching completion of a research doctorate (PhD/MD).  Applicants must have submitted their thesis before the funding start date. Medically qualified applicants should have obtained CCT; nurse or AHP applicants should have completed their professional training. Funds can be used flexibly depending on the needs of the individual, for up to a period of 6 - 12 months.

Assessment criteria

The following criteria will be considered by the BRC Steering Committee:

  1. Evidence of research track record, productivity across past appointments and an upward trajectory, with clear potential to undertake independent research.
  2. Well-articulated short term career goals, outlining how you plan to develop your skills and your research in the next 6-12 months.
  3. Clear plans for obtaining a Clinician Scientist Fellowship (or equivalent) and how the requested funding will help to achieve these plans.
  4. Strong research interest and ambition to be a clinical academic researcher with long term career goals, plans to establish a research ‘niche’ and develop skills needed to underpin a future research career.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to seek match funding from RM and/or ICR departments to support this application and to demonstrate institutional support for the applicant.  

How to apply

Complete the application form and submit to [email protected] by Monday 25 February 2019 (08.00 AM).

Applications are assessed by the BRC Steering Committee twice a year (September and March).