Lightning talks: What does the future hold for gastrointestinal cancers?

Watch our 60 second talks from our public event in November 2018.  You can find out more about the event, and watch the longer presentation videos here.


PLATFORM: a novel trial design with drug company partnership to improve survival in advanced gastric cancer 
Dr Michael Davidson, Clinical Research Fellow


Outcomes and quality of life in  advanced and recurrent pelvic  colorectal cancer 
Dr Zena Rokan, Clinical Research Fellow


Circulating tumour DNA in patients  with rectal cancer and the relationship  to MRI features of extramural venous invasion 
Dr Muhammad Rafay Sameem Siddiqui, Clinical Research Fellow


Could circulating tumour DNA  (ctDNA) guide treatment in rectal cancer? 
Dr Shelize Khakoo, Clinical Research Fellow


TRACC: tracking mutations in cell free tumour DNA to predict relapse in early colorectal cancer 
Dr Gayathri Anandappa, Clinical Research Fellow


Improving prediction of prognosis in rectal cancer 
Dr Amy Lord, Clinical Research Fellow


POLEM study: can immunotherapy  stop bowel cancer coming back? 
Dr David Lau, Clinical Research Fellow


ICONIC study 
Dr Sonia Mansukhani, Clinical Research Fellow


Immune landscape of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumours 
Dr Kate Young, Clinical Research Fellow


Using MRI to help avoid major surgery for rectal cancer 
Dr Annabel Shaw, Clinical Research Fellow


Patient and public involvement via Patient and Carers Research Review Panel (PCRRP) 
Ms Sarah Stapleton, Clinical Nursing Research Fellow