What do we mean by patient and public involvement and engagement?

Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPI/E) refers to the involvement and engagement of patients, carers and the public throughout all stages of research. This means that research is being carried out 'with' or 'by' members of the public rather than 'to', 'about' or 'for' them.

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When we used the term 'public', we refer to anyone who is interested in contributing to research. This could be:

  • Current, former and potential patients
  • Carers, friends or family members of people living with or beyond cancer
  • Anyone who wants to make a difference in cancer research and care.

Being involved in research is not the same as taking part in a clinical trial or study. Instead, when the public gets involved in research, they work alongside researchers to shape:

  • what research gets done
  • how it's carried out
  • and how the results are shared and applied in practice.

Find out more about what Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement is on the NIHR website.

Our Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPI/E) Strategy

Our PPI/E Strategy (2017 - 22) details how we involve patients, carers and the public in our clinical research.

Involvement helps us to identify the issues most important and relevant to those directly affected by cancer and its treatments. 

Patients, carers and the public support us in every stage of our research by:

Identifying important issues that could be addressed by research, such as treatment side effects

Ensuring that the materials we produce for patients and the public, such as leaflets, are informative and easy to understand.

You can read our PPI/E 2017 - 2022 strategy here (This is a PDF)

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