Prostate Cancer

Professor Ros Eeles, Prostate Cancer Theme Lead
Professor Ros Eeles, Prostate Cancer Theme Lead

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men in the UK, with 130 cases diagnosed every day.

This theme will improve treatment selection for patients and improve outcomes using advances in molecular diagnostics and treatment options for localised and metastatic disease.

Theme aims

  • To transform the clinical management of prostate cancer through minimising associated morbidity
  • To reduce costs to the NHS through:
    • Developing and evaluating targeted germline screening approaches to enrich detection of aggressive disease and reduce overdiagnosis
    • Identifying genetic variants to further refine risk stratification for screening and translate into the clinic
    • Discovering resistance mechanisms and developing treatments to overcome these
    • Validating and qualifying molecular diagnostics for predictive, therapy response and surrogacy biomarkers
    • Using novel imaging to improve surveillance, staging and treatment of localised and metastatic disease
  • To develop more effective and safer radiation planning and delivery

Theme lead

Professor Ros Eeles (pictured above): expertise in identifying genetic variants that increase prostate cancer