Novel Cancer Therapeutics

Professor Johann de Bono, Novel Cancer Therapeutics Theme Lead
Professor Johann de Bono, Novel Cancer Therapeutics Theme Lead

One in two people will develop cancer at some point in their lives, and each year more than 160,000 patients die from it.

The focus of this theme is to develop novel cancer treatments to meet the challenges of cancer evolution, tumour heterogeneity and drug resistance, while also reducing treatment failure and improving patient outcomes.

Theme aims

  • To develop highly innovative systemic therapies with a particular focus on overcoming treatment resistance and building capacity in immunotherapy.
  • To accelerate and optimise cancer drug development by conducting crucial first-in-human and early phase clinical studies, including paediatric trials by:
    • Defining populations likely to respond to treatment
    • Guiding dose and schedule using pharmacokinetic parameters
    • Optimising recommended phase II dose and schedules using pharmacodynamic biomarkers
    • Exploring biomarkers of resistance
    • Designing clinical strategies to overcome drug resistance
    • Bringing the advances in personalised medicine to children through early phase paediatric cancer trials

Theme lead

Professor Johann de Bono (pictured above): expertise in biomarker-driven drug development, development of precision medicines, and treatment of advanced prostate cancer. 

Our impact: Novel Cancer Therapeutics

Both The Royal Marsden and the ICR have a long history of developing new and much needed treatments for cancer and the joint The Oak Foundation  Drug Development Unit