Digital – Capability, Informatics, Big Data, e-Health

Digital Theme Lead - Dr Christina Messiou
Dr Christina Messiou: Digital Theme Lead

Our vision to provide smart, kind treatment, tailored to individual patients, at the right time and place can only be achieved through rapidly accessing all relevant data for a patient and utilising smart analysis tools to support clinical decision-making.

This cross-cutting theme will develop a cohesive informatics infrastructure that will underpin all our research. It will help to evaluate and guide the development of novel diagnostic procedures and treatments, and to support patients in daily life through joined-up data and the establishment of a digital research community.

Theme aims

To improve the outcome and experience of cancer patients by matching the best treatment to the patient and deliver this at the optimal time and place through:

  • Smart and adaptive individualised therapy through state-of-the-art digital systems, and innovative Big Data analytics applied to all themes
  • Facilitating meaningful measurement of patients’ experience and outcome
  • Empowering the partnership between professionals and patients (and their families)

Theme lead

Dr Christina Messiou (pictured above): Consultant Radiologist at The Royal Marsden, with expertise in imaging for myeloma, melanoma and soft tissue sarcoma.