Breast Cancer

Dr Alistair Ring
Dr Alistair Ring, Breast Cancer Research Theme Lead

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, with almost twice the number of cases in 2012 as in 1988 – but improved therapies and earlier detection have nearly halved mortality.

This theme aims to capitalise on this progress by identifying new approaches to predicting individual patient outcomes and discovering new targeted treatments.

Theme aims

  • To develop, validate and apply biomarkers that identify minimal residual disease and its progression, identify and target resistance pathways to maximise survival benefits from adjuvant therapy and that allow personalised treatment of metastatic breast cancer
  • To transform breast cancer management by designing and conducting innovative biomarker-driven trials at critical points along the breast cancer patient pathway
  • To develop targeted risk reduction strategies, develop more effective treatments that improve patient survival and quality of life and validate personalised therapy strategies in metastatic disease

Theme lead

Dr Alistair Ring (pictured above): is a Consultant Medical Oncologist at The Royal Marsden, with a special interest in he management of metastatic and early breast cancer and the management of cancer in older patients.

Our impact: Breast Cancer

Our breast cancer research has led to significant improvements in care and the introduction of new treatment options for patients.