Tumour Profiling Unit

Our Tumour Profiling Unit, established in 2013 at The Institute of Cancer Research, takes advantage of the explosion in genetic information using state-of-the-art sequencing machines. 

Our vision is for patients to have their tumour profiled at diagnosis and throughout treatment so their management plan can be adjusted every time a molecular change occurs. 

Researchers at the unit work with scientists and clinicians and external academic groups to classify tumours by their genetics, and find ways of personalising treatment to the particular mutations that are driving them.

The Tumour Profiling Unit uses the latest next-generation genetic sequencing technologies – such as a HiSeq2500 sequencer from Illumina, and Ion Proton and PGM sequencers from Life Technologies – to carry out genomic profiling of tumours.

Its highly qualified staff can provide academic groups with tailored advice on experimental design, or carry out projects from beginning to end, delivering reliable and customisable solutions for different cancer genomics projects.