Centre for Evolution and Cancer

In the Centre for Evolution and Cancer at The Institute for Cancer Research, we are revealing the fundamental processes at work as cancers arise and evolve, and using this knowledge to open up new avenues for treatment and prevention.

Researchers at this centre seek to answer three big questions in cancer medicine: why are humans so vulnerable to cancer; what determines the unpredictable development of cancers in the body over time; and why is drug resistance so frequent?

Computational biologists, geneticists, cell biologists and clinical scientists work together to explore exciting new avenues of cancer-related evolutionary research. Researchers will identify the genetic diversity within individual tumours, and explore the use of genetic profiling of tumours as fingerprints that could predict progression of disease, metastases or drug resistance.

The genetic diversity of cancer stem cells will also be investigated at the centre, with the goal that they may one day be the target for cancer treatment, and provide information on what type of targeted treatment is likely to work.