Resources for clinical researchers

In addition to the academic and educational support provided through a researcher’s supervisory team, there are a number of other sources of support available:

Clinical Research Fellows Newsletter

Find out more about the latest news, events and career development opportunities for clinical research fellows in our quarterly newsletters.

Clinical Research Fellows Newsletter - Summer 2019
Clinical Research Fellows Newsletter - Autumn 2019

The ICR funding alert

Register now for the ICR's monthly funding alert to find out about:

  • All available funding opportunities from funding bodies such as the MRC, CRUK and the NIHR
  • Fellowships
  • Travel bursaries
  • Equipment grants. 

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Clinical researcher career guidance

How to apply for grants

Professor Johann de Bono's presentation for clinical academics on the subject of being awarded grants

MRC Interactive Career Framework

The framework gives information on possible options for careers and funding in biomedical research within academia and/or industry

Find out more

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework

Structured into four domains covering the knowledge abilities, personal effectiveness, research governance and engagement, influence and impact behaviours. 

Helpful literature and data

Other Resources

Useful Contacts

Supervisory team  -  Feedback, coaching, inspiration, contacts

Academic Dean’s team e.g. senior tutors  -  Student welfare and academic progress

Colleagues  -  Technical support, peer mentoring

Student Committee  -  Internal networks, peer support, socials. Clinical Research Fellow reps Niamh Coleman, Amanda Fitzpatrick, Saira Khalique and Neha Chopra

Academy of Medical Sciences  -  Careers support workshops and meetings, networks, well-established fellows mentoring scheme

The Careers Group, University of London  -  Impartial, expert careers coaching; contact [email protected] for details

Professional bodiesEACR, BACR, the Biochemical Society  -  Careers support, networks, job opportunities, some have mentoring schemes.

ICR Employee Support programme  -  Financial, legal, medical and other types of advice, including access to counsellors

Funders e.g. Cancer Research UK, NIHR, MRC, Wellcome Trust  -  Run regular career development programmes for researchers they fund.