Sharing our expertise: Magnetic Resonance Image Guided Radiotherapy

01 November 2019

Over 50 radiotherapy professionals recently attended our ‘Magnetic Resonance Image Guided Radiotherapy’ training course, led by The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and The Institute of Cancer Research, London (ICR).

MRI demonstration for course attendees
MRI demonstration for course attendees

The two-day course, which included presentations, workshops and practical demonstrations, was designed to improve understanding of the capabilities and potential of MRI guided radiotherapy (MRIgRT) and develop the knowledge and skills required to support the current and future needs in the field.

MRI: new technology, challenges and the expert voice

Leading practitioners, including clinicians, physicists and radiotherapists, discussed the use of MRI guided radiotherapy from their differing perspectives, and the impact of this technology on workflow and patient outcomes. Presentations also examined the challenges of using MRI in different anatomical regions such as pelvic, breast and abdominal radiotherapy and how these challenges are being overcome.

Attendees, who joined us from both UK and international institutions, had the opportunity to take part in workshops discussing parameter optimisation with one of the course sponsors Siemens, the use of MR Linac technology and an ‘Ask the Expert’ session with superintendent radiographers Erica Scurr and Trina Herbert and MRI physicist Evanthia Kousi.

Practical demonstrations of key techniques

The course also offered practical sessions in The Royal Marsden’s MRI and Radiotherapy departments, which demonstrated key techniques such as MRI simulation, image acquisition and interpretation, using the MR Linac and included workplace and patient safety.

The use of MRI to inform radiotherapy is a rapidly evolving field with the development and implementation of MR Linac technology set to revolutionise the way that patients with certain tumours are treated. The Royal Marsden and the ICR installed the UK’s first MR Linac machine and the first patient was treated in 2018 as part of a clinical trial.

Course organiser Dr Helen McNair, Lead Research Radiographer at The Royal Marsden and the ICR:

The Royal Marsden and the ICR have long been at the forefront of research into MRI guided radiotherapy and so running this course has provided us with an excellent opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise with others working in the field.

As the use of MRI guided radiotherapy becomes more widespread, we need to make sure that all practitioners are equipped with the skills required to confidently use this technology so that, ultimately, we can improve outcomes for patients”


Registrations for our next MRIgRT course (September 28 - 29 2020) will open in Spring 2020.


Thank you to our primary platinum course sponsors Philips and Elekta, silver sponsors Siemens and bronze sponsors Oncology Systems Limited.