Diagnostics trial for breast cancer patients

09 December 2014

Patients with advanced breast cancer will soon be offered the opportunity to take part in a new molecular research trial at The Royal Marsden.

Dr Nicholas Turner
Dr Nicholas Turner

The ABC Bio trial will test how the next generation of molecular diagnostics can offer more treatment options for patients with metastatic disease. 

One single biopsy, taken from each patient, will be tested for up to 50 genetic mutations.

Dr Nicholas Turner, Consultant Medical Oncologist, who is leading the trial, said: “We will be able to identify genetic errors and use the information to match each patient to the correct treatment pathway.”

The trial, funded by the Biomedical Research Centre, will also test patients’ blood at the same time as the biopsy to see whether scientists can get the same data from a simple blood test.

Dr Turner said: “This will be interesting for research purposes, as it will determine if we can use a less invasive blood test for trials in the future.”