The IPU consists of a team of experts from multiple disciplines; experienced pathologists, scientists, AI developers, biomedical scientists and project managers work collectively to facilitate our own research and extensively collaborate with others. We work with teams here at The Royal Marsden, the ICR, and international and national collaborators, research organisations, and commercial partners.

Our services include:

  1. Sample preparation: Sample processing, multi-tissue slides, re-embedding, TMA generation, sectioning for all currently established pathology workflows, multiplex immunofluorescence, in situ hybridisation, and sample preparation for all FFPE-based sequencing modalities
  2. Sample staining: H&E, IHC, FISH, ISH and multiplex immunofluorescence, bespoke panel generation and validation, targets covering the entire tumour milieu (molecular, immune, stroma), pathology assessment
  3. AI-mediated analysis: machine learning, deep learning, cell segmentation, tissue isolation, cell hierarchical phenotyping, complex spatial analysis and AI-algorithm generation, implementation of bespoke pipelines and commercial software, specialising in the integration of multiple data types, including separate imaging modalities and integrating with other omics datasets, like genomic sequencing data
  4. Research supportive infrastructure: finance, governance, data protection, data security, procurement, multi-institute collaborations and agreements, and a fully supportive framework for collaborative grant generations of project, programmatic and commercial scale