Dr Tom Lund, Scientific Lead and Senior Scientific Officer

Tom Lund

Tom completed a PhD with Margaret Frame at The Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) in Edinburgh. During this time, he identified a novel role for Focal Adhesion Kinase in the regulation of the suppressive immune response, leading to the immune escape and survival of tumours. This work led to a post-doctoral fellowship in Sergio Quezada’s laboratory at University College London (UCL) Cancer Institute. This is where Tom developed work applying multiplex immune fluorescence and pathology-based images with AI and spatial modelling techniques, to interrogate the tumour immune response and wider tumour microenvironment. The work carried him to The Royal Marsden and the ICR, where today he is the scientific lead of the IPU.

His current research focuses on further development of AI and tissue hybridisation imaging modalities and applying these to patient cohorts. This tissue agonistic approach has led to research in dozens of different disease contexts, including paediatric neuroblastoma, TNBC, NSCLC, bladder, prostate, colorectal and oesophageal cancers.