Research support staff

We are committed to developing all staff who support the initiation and delivery of clinical research, including clinical research nurses, trial coordinators, data managers and specimen coordinators.

We provide a variety of activities to support you in your career including workshops and events to help you gain a broader understanding of research and clinical trials and develop specialist skills to support clinical trials.

Demystifying the science behind targeted cancer treatments

Discover the science behind targeted cancer treatments that are changing the landscape of patient care. This two-day course will provide you with an introduction to cancer biology and genetics, cell pathways, drug targets, immunotherapy and biomarkers. 

Perspectives in oncology

A ten-module web-based course which provides grounding in different areas of cancer science to help you better understand the research taking place across the ICR and Royal Marsden. Covers areas such as cancer genetics, bioinformatics, medical physics, cell biology and signalling, and therapies. Find out more.

Genomics Education Programme

A series of online courses related to the 100k Genomes Project, run by Health Education England. Topics include consent, introduction to genomics and bioinformatics. Find out more.

MRC Regulatory Support Centre

Provide support and guidance for those conducting research with human participants, their tissues or data. Find out more.

Management and professional development

Both the Learning and Development teams at the ICR and The Royal Marsden provide courses and training opportunities which cover a wide range of management and professional development, technical and IT skills.