Research support staff

We are committed to developing all staff who support the initiation and delivery of clinical research, including clinical nurse researchers  trial coordinators, data managers and specimen coordinators

Research and clinical trial awareness

We provide a variety of resources to help you understand the specialist teams and infrastructure which support clinical research at The Royal Marsden and the Institute of Cancer Research and to help you gain a broader understanding of research and develop specialist skills to support clinical trials. 

Download the Introduction to clinical research support and infrastructure booklet, which outlines the different teams that support clinical trials and includes useful contact details. 

Good clinical practice (GCP) training

Clinical trial awareness

This workshop is designed to provide an overview of the main principles and regulations governing clinical research to staff that work to support research in their everyday role.  It will provide an overview of the regulatory framework governing clinical trials and examples of how these regulations affect the clinical research process.

This is suitable for staff who are involved in supporting the care of trial patients, but that are not delegated to carry out study-specific procedures. Examples might include staff nurses, radiologists, laboratory staff, allied health professionals, radiotherapy technicians, administrators, registration / outpatients staff etc.

Duration                     2 hours
Frequency                  4 times a year,
Location                     2 sessions at Chelsea and 2 sessions at Sutton
Dates                          19  September 2019 (Sutton)

Registration and further information contact:  [email protected]

Practical Aspects of GCP

An interactive workshop covering the following topics:

  • Data quality for clinical research
  • Implementing CAPAs for audit findings, incident and protocol violations
  • IMP accountability and IMP compliance
  • Safety reporting in clinical trials

Duration                     3 hours
Frequency                  4 times a year
Location                     across Chelsea & Sutton sites simultaneously (video linked)
Dates                           9  September 2019, 2  December 2019

Registration and further information contact:  [email protected]

Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Tool (SoECAT) back to basics workshop

Duration              2 hours
Frequency          TBC
Location             Sutton & Chelsea (separate sessions)
Dates                  TBC

Registration and further information contact:  [email protected]

AcoRD training

AcoRD (Attributing the cost of health and social care research and development) classifies the distinction between the three categories of costs associated with non-commercial clinical research studies: Research costs, NHS support costs and treatment costs. These workshops will help you to understand how to cost non-commercial studies using actual Royal Marsden protocols as exemplars.    

Registration and further information contact:  [email protected]

Influencing & Negotiation Skills Training

Duration              All day (09.30am-4.30pm)
Frequency          TBC
Location             Sutton and Chelsea (separate sessions)
Dates                  TBC

Registration and further information contact:  [email protected]

Introduction to Setting Up and Running a Clinical Research Trial

Duration             All day
Frequency          3 times a year
Location             Sutton
Dates                  30 October 2019

Registration and further information contact:  [email protected]

Validation Task (DVT) ‘back to basics’ workshop

Duration             1 ½ hours
Frequency         TBC
Location             Sutton
Dates                  TBC

Registration and further information contact:  [email protected]

Patient and public involvement training day for researchers

Registration and further information contact:  [email protected]

Other resources 

Clinical Research Practitioner (CRP) Directory

The Directory is a collaboration between the NIHR and the Academy for Healthcare Science. The NIHR Directory for Clinical Research Practitioners has been established to create a community of practice as a foundational step in defining the professional identity of this diverse group.

Work is currently being taken forward jointly by the NIHR and the AHCS and aims to establish a Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register for CRPs. More information:

NIHR Learn

Log in to the NIHR Online Learning Management System using your email address to look for courses.

NIHR 'Improving healthcare through clinical research'


NIHR Integrated Workforce Framework 

HRA offer a range of e-learning courses tailored at different staff groups delivering research.

Download the NIHR Integrated Workforce Framework (2017)

Download the NIHR Task, Knowledge and Competency Framework for Trial Managers (July 2012)