In profile: Olga Fourkioti

Olga Fourkioti is currently undertaking at BRC-supported PhD studentship at The Institute of Cancer Research, London under the supervision of Professor Chris Bakal, Leader of the Dynamic Cell System Team and Reader of Cell Form.

Olga discusses her research into developing tools to aid the diagnosis of soft tissue sarcomas.

Using AI to diagnose sarcomas

Before starting my PhD, I previously studied electrical and computer engineering in Greece, and have a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Barcelona.

My PhD project is focused on developing an automatic tool to diagnose soft tissue sarcomas – a rare group of cancers affecting the tissues that support, connect and surround organs and other structures within the body.

A key part of my project is the creation a digital library of soft tissue sarcoma samples. To achieve this, I am working closely with histopathologists at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, who collect and process patient tumour samples. I will then be developing and using ‘deep-learning’ techniques to analyse the samples – training our technology to recognise the presence of sarcoma is tissue samples. It is hoped that this will help us to diagnose soft tissue sarcomas quickly and more accurately.

A future in medical imaging

The Royal Marsden and the ICR have a reputation for leading high-quality research and I hope that through my PhD project, I can establish a research career in medical imaging.