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NIHR Biomedical Research Centres (BRCs)

The NIHR’s 20 Biomedical Research Centres (BRCs) are collaborations between world-leading universities and NHS organisations that bring together academics and clinicians to translate lab-based scientific breakthroughs into potential new treatments, diagnostics and medical technologies.

The centres receive substantial levels of sustained funding - £816 million over five years - to create an environment where experimental medicine can thrive. They attract the best scientists and produce world-leading research, contributing to the local and national economy.

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NIHR Training Advocates

​NIHR Training Advocates are ambassadors for non-medical clinical academic careers. The BRC has two advocates:



NIHR Fellowships 

NIHR Fellowships have been designed to support people at various points of their development to become leading researchers, from initial pre-doctoral training to senior post-doctoral research.

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Resources from the NIHR Fellowship Information Session (September 2019)

Overview of the NIHR Fellowship Programme - NIHR Academy

My experience of applying for an NIHR Fellowship - Dr Rebecca D'Cruz

What the interview panel expects to see - Professor Waljit Dhillo

Building a Research Career

 A guide for aspiring clinical academics (excluding doctors and dentists) and their managers

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Find out more about the research opportunities available as part of the Clinical Academic Careers pathway

​NIHR Incubators

The NIHR Academy was launched in October 2018 and is now developing NIHR Incubators to support capacity building and multidisciplinary career development in priority areas where critical mass is low

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FAQs: Clinical Lecturers and Academic Clinical Fellowships (June 2019)

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Clinical Research Practitioner (CRP) Directory

The Directory is a collaboration between the NIHR and the Academy for Healthcare Science. The NIHR Directory for Clinical Research Practitioners has been established to create a community of practice as a foundational step in defining the professional identity of this diverse group. Work is currently being taken forward jointly by the NIHR and the AHCS and aims to establish a Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register for CRPs.

Clinical Research Network South London

The Clinical Research Network (CRN) South London provides the infrastructure that allows high-quality clinical research to take place in the NHS in this region, so that patients can benefir from new and better treatments. 

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NIHR Clinical Trials Guide (June 2019)

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NIHR Clinical Research Network Developing our Clinical Research Nursing Strategy 2017-2020

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NIHR Clinical Research Network: Impact and Value Assessment (July 2019)

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The five most common impact mistakes in NIHR applications 

Find out more about the five most common mistakes made by researchers planning for impact and knowledge mobilisation in their applications for NIHR funding.

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Researchfish submission

​​NIHR uses Researchfish to monitor the impact of funded research

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NIHR Integrated Academic Training Guide (Nov 2017)

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Optimising the Participant in Research Experience Checklist (July 2019)

8,507 research participants completed the Participant in Research Experience Survey during 2018/19. Their feedback and comments are a valuable insight into the patient experience of taking part in a study and five key areas of focus have been identified to bring to the attention of research professionals. 

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NIHR local pharmacy review of research studies

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Studies within a trial (SWAT)

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NIHR Leaders Support and Development Programme

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Strategic Review of Training (July 2017)

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