Our work continues

The Royal Marsden and the ICR have retained NIHR Biomedical Research Centre status for another five years, receiving funding of £43 million that will be shared among eight new research themes


shared between six individual research themes at the BRC, plus two ‘cross-cutting’ themes

Novel cancer therapeutics

Novel cancer therapeutics theme lead Professor Johann de Bono: "We will develop innovative approaches to meet the challenges of cancer evolution"

Gastrointestinal cancers

"We aim to improve cure rates, prevent overtreatment and complications and provide evidence for the economic delivery of precision medicine to GI cancer patients"

Targeted physical therapies

Targeted physical therapies theme lead Professor Kevin Harrington: "We have a strong track record of translating innovation in radiotherapy into early- and late-phase clinical trials for patient benefit"


Digital theme lead Professor Winette van de Graaf: "The goal is to enable treatments tailored to individual patients, provided at the right time and place"

Genotypes, phenotypes and cancer evolution

Genotypes, phenotypes and cancer evolution lead Dr Nicholas Turner: "The overall aim is to improve patient outcomes"

Uncommon cancers

Uncommon cancers theme lead Dr James Larkin: "We will translate our improved biological understanding into improved diagnosis, treatment and outcomes"

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer theme lead Professor Ros Eeles, whose work will improve treatment selection for patients

Breast cancer

"We aim to reduce the number of patients who relapse with metastatic disease"