Clinical trials: staff

Staff at The Royal Marsden discuss their role in clinical trials and the importance of ongoing research.

Imaging Research

The Imaging Clinical Research Facility is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), to speed up the translation of scientific advances for the benefit of patients. Centre Manager Katherine May said:

“Our CRF currently supports around 100 research studies where imaging provides information on the location, appearance and biological behaviour of tumours, enabling us to monitor response to novel therapies and treat cancers in the most appropriate way for each patient.”

"Imaging is an essential part of cancer care, in both diagnosis and treatment planning"

Katherine May

Katherine May, Imaging Clinical Research Facility Centre Manager

Haematology Research

As Haematology Research Nurse, Tracey Sturt’s role is to recruit patients, clinically advise and support those who participate in research trials in the Haematology department. Tracey said:

"Clinical trials are very important in improving treatments, care and patient’s quality of life. Taking part in a research study will in the long term assist in development of new treatments against different types of diseases, including cancer."

Tracey Sturt, Haematology Research Nurse

"Without the voluntary help of patients and healthy volunteers, potential new treatments will not happen"