Case study: POPS trial

Paul, 69, was diagnosed with prostate cancer and received radiotherapy treatment in January 2015 and hormone therapy.

Paul joined the pilot POPS study, looking at using a device called ProSpare to help reduce the side effects of radiotherapy for prostate cancer. Paul said:

"“My experience here has been lovely and the staff are absolutely superb. I got to know them quite well over a seven and a half week period and visiting here on a daily basis you really do get to know everyone."

"It’s extremely important that research is done otherwise we are not going to progress in any form of treatment. If research isn’t done, we are stagnating."

The POPS study looks help reduce the side effects of radiotherapy for prostate cancer

"I had no problems at all with the trial, the treatment or the outcome. I appear to be completely clear of prostate cancer."


Paul is now a mentor for other men who join the POPS study, which is BRC funded: 

“The benefit of having a patient mentor is that you are able to speak to someone not from a medical background, but a patient who has been through the procedure and understands the difficulty that a future patient might be suffering. 

I would have loved to have someone like that just to talk to away from the medical team, not for reassurance, but a few tips on how to cope with it."

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