Working with us

We collaborate with partners across the NIHR infrastructure, with universities, hospitals and commercial organisations.

Collaborative working

We support a large academic portfolio of investigator-led trials working with commercial partners. We offer a wealth of cancer research and experimental medicine expertise and know-how, and analytical tools which make us a partner of choice for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Our partners provide complementary resources and expertise to take forward our research findings through development, manufacture and onto the market. The transition into large-scale clinical trials is facilitated by the ICR Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit and The Royal Marsden Clinical Trials Unit.

We are always looking to build on existing collaborations and engage with new academic, clinical, industry, public and charity partners.

To explore opportunities to work with us, please contact [email protected]

Hosting clinical trials

We host a large portfolio of commercial clinical trials which provide further treatment options for patients. At any one time we host clinical trials with over 100 commercial organisations, including global pharma, technology-based and small start-up companies.

We have well-established processes that facilitates a streamlined trial set up pathway, outlined in our Industry Pack. Our West Wing Clinical Research Centre provides a dedicated space for patients on clinical trials and includes five treatment bays, consulting rooms, a dedicated on-site laboratory and a pharmacy room.

For further information on hosting clinical trials, please contact [email protected]