Acknowledging the NIHR BRC

Any outputs arising from NIHR-funded research which enters the public domain, including publications, press releases, websites, presentations, posters and participant materials must:

  • Correctly acknowledge the NIHR

  • Use the new NIHR identity

Acknowledgement of BRC funding is an contractual requirement, used as a metric by the Department of Health & Social Care to justify future budgets and therefore help ensure continued funding to support clinical research projects and infrastructure.

Download the 'Guidelines for Acknowledging the BRC'. 

When should I acknowledge the BRC?

If your research is clinical or translational in any way, it is supported by the NIHR BRC and you must acknowledge this in all your research outputs, including:

  • Peer-reviewed publications
  • Press releases
  • Posters  
  • Other promotional materials and oral outputs.

 Support from the NIHR BRC may take the form of:

  • Directly incurred salary costs
  • Training awards (studentships/fellowships/bursaries)
  • Pilot project awards
  • Use of clinical research facilities/specialist staff funded by the NIHR BRC​

For more information on acknowledging the NIHR, please read the NIHR’s guidance on research outputs and publications.

Acknowledging the BRC in research outputs

The NIHR must be acknowledged in all research outputs, defined as any item arising from NIHR-funded research entering the public domain.

Research outputs can be written, verbally presented, audio-visual or electronic and include:

  • Publications
  • Press releases and media interviews
  • Research reports, books or book chapters
  • Oral presentations and presentation slides
  • Research posters
  • Websites, blog posts, newsletters and social media accounts

Acknowledgement & disclaimer

All research outputs must include the following statement and disclaimer:

“This [project/study/poster etc] represents independent research [funded/supported] by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Biomedical Research Centre at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and the Institute of Cancer Research, London.

The views expressed are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the NIHR or the Department of Health and Social Care.”

Acknowledging the BRC in publications

All published material must contain an acknowledgement of support, and when mentioning research findings or opinions, an appropriate NIHR disclaimer.

Please also acknowledge any other NIHR support the study may have received such as through the Clinical Research Network or our NIHR Imaging Clinical Research Facility.

Further information on how to acknolwdge the NIHR BRC in publications can be found in the NIHR research outputs and publications guidance

Acknowledging the BRC in press releases

Press releases must acknowledge NIHR funding or support for the research by naming and linking to the NIHR, ideally in the first or second paragraph of the body of the press release.

You must inform the media teams at The Royal Marsden and/or the ICR or at least 14 days in advance of a forthcoming publication that merits a press release. It is a contractual requirement to notify the NIHR of the any intention to issue a press release at least 14 days prior to any press release.

If your research leads to a press release please work with the media teams at The Royal Marsden and/or the ICR to ensure that funding or support from the BRC is acknowledged in the main body of the press release and notes to editors. 

Please ensure you acknowledge BRC funding/support in any media interviews.

Further information on how to acknowledge the NIHR BRC in press releases can be found in the NIHR research outputs and publications guidelines

Acknowledging the BRC on posters

Posters of your NIHR-supported research should use the template of your organisation (e.g. The Royal Marsden or ICR) or an NIHR poster template, to which you can add your host institution logo.

Please use the NIHR BRC logo and the appropriate acknowledgement and disclaimer at the bottom of the poster

Download the NIHR BRC logo

Please contact [email protected] for the NIHR poster template.

Acknowledging the BRC in presentations

Presentations of your NIHR-supported research should use the NIHR BRC-branded presentation slides and contain the appropriate acknowledgment statement and disclaimer.

Download the NIHR BRC PowerPoint template.

Using the NIHR Brand Identity

In February 2019 the NIHR introduced a new visual identity, including new logotypes, colours, typeface and templates, which should be displayed correctly on all your outputs. 

The NIHR logo is the most important element of the revised NIHR identity. It now appears on the top left of all NIHR materials and no longer carries the NHS lozenge: NIHR infrastructures now have an individual logo (a ‘sub-logo’) which carries the NIHR abbreviation and name of site in full on the right-hand side.

The NIHR sub-logo (below) should be used if you are presenting research from the NIHR BRC at The Royal Marsden and the ICR.



Download the NIHR BRC logo.

The BRC can also provide several branded document templatesand advice on colour schemes and fonts:

Download the NIHR BRC PowerPoint slides.

Contact [email protected] for the NIHR branded Poster template and Word Document

Further information on the NIHR visual identity can be found on the NIHR website.


​For further advice, please contact [email protected]