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What is BRIDgE?

BRIDgE (Biomedical Research Informatics Digital Environment) is a new Trusted Research Environment (TRE) and informatics platform at The Royal Marsden. The aim of the platform is to transform clinical practice and improve outcomes for patients by enabling data analytics and AI development using real-world cancer data within secure, collaborative, cloud-based workspaces.

Workspaces contain tools such as R, SQL and Jupyter Notebooks, with more software, storage and compute available via virtual machines. De-identified data can be accessed from the hospital’s electronic patient record system as well as genomic, imaging and lab test results.

How can I get access to BRIDgE?

The first step to accessing the platform is to complete the online enquiry form below or email [email protected]

Projects run in BRIDgE must be approved by The Royal Marsden and The Institute of Cancer Research’s Committee for Clinical Research. Therefore, if you are a researcher, SME, commercial company or academic institution wishing to access cancer data within BRIDgE we request that you collaborate with one of our BRC clinicians or scientists. We can help put you in touch with local researchers.

Watch the video below for a brief overview of BRIDgE.

BRIDgE is managed by The Royal Marsden's Information Team with support from the NIHR BRC at The Royal Marsden and ICR. 

BRIDgE technical support is provided by Aridhia and Data Warehouse support is provided by Agilisys.