Research is key to future treatment

Our six research themes and two cross-cutting themes bring together a critical mass of internationally renowned clinicians, scientists and allied health professionals, allowing us to ensure that novel diagnostics and physical and systemic therapies are rapidly available to all cancer patients.

Patient and public involvement and engagement

Involving patients and the public with our research ensures that we focus on the issues that matter most to those affected by cancer.

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Latest news

MRI images reconstructed by AI could accelerate radiotherapy

An artificial intelligence that reconstructs MRI images of moving tumours can do so in seconds, offering a way to better guide radiotherapy.

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Drug combination could extend time between treatments

A combination of immunotherapy and a targeted therapy could extend time between treatments for some women with recurrent ovarian cancer.

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Advanced radiotherapy could safely deliver curative treatment

Advanced radiotherapy technology can safely deliver curative treatment for prostate cancer patients in as few as five sessions, with only minimal side effects, research suggests.

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