The Centre for Molecular Pathology

Molecular pathology aims to determine how specific molecular changes lead to tumour formation and also to understand how specific molecular changes underlie clinical behaviour and response. 

Artist's impression of the Centre for Molecular Pathology

Our capability for undertaking studies in molecular pathology will be considerably enhanced with the new Centre for Molecular Pathology and a dedicated building on the Sutton Campus (to be completed in 2012). This is being financed through capital funding awarded by the Department of Health to The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Specialist Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) (£11.3million), The Wolfson Foundation (£1.5million) and The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity (£4.3million).

The Centre is pivotal in our mission to translate insights from leading-edge laboratory studies to long-term patient benefit, and will house the scientific activity required to achieve this.

The three specific aims of the Centre are:

  • To establish robust molecular diagnostics to aid selection for the most appropriate cancer treatments and enable the personalisation of cancer treatments.
  • To develop predictive molecular biomarkers to aid the clinical development of anti-cancer drugs.
  • To identify new molecular targets in a range of different tumour types.